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About Me

Imagine the year 2006, I’m a high school kid attempting to find absolutely any way to avoid having to take a math class, and photography comes up as an elective.. well hello hello and as they say, that’s where this all started.
I shunned the forced upon art of film photography and took up digital!
From here, I dropped out of high school and enrolled in a Diploma of Photography at Art College.

10 Months later and Kayne West best describes what happened next..

“ Dropped out of school but I'm not rich
20, understood it wasn't worth it
My dreams didn't need a master degree“

I took up photographing small music gigs and on the side jobs before life got in the way and my camera started gathering dust!

Fast forward to 2018 and I started working in Cosmetics and stumbled across the opportunity to start product and content photography.
At the same time, I rekindled my love for photography and have been dusting off not just my camera but my skills since.

Oh and i finally decided to give Film photography a go.. and yes my high school photography teacher was right.. it is WAY more fun!

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